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Name:Yamete! Oshiri gai itai!
Website:Yamete Uzai on LJ
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Discussing Yaoi manga

This is my own private little place created to post and discuss the yaoi manga and doujinshi that I love. If you'd like to share your favorite stories by your favorite mangakas and/or discuss them with others in a pleasant and drama-free atmosphere, I hope you'll join too - that's what you'll find here. The more the merrier, but I'd rather have members who participate than lurk. (=^.^=)

The rules are few and simple.

1) Be nice. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

2) Own your shit. IP logging will be on and I hate sock puppets. If you flame, troll, or $spam you'll be banninated. If you're an asshole, you'll be warned once and then banninated.

This is an adult community - you must be 18+ to join. To join, click on the link above. I'll check your userinfo for the listed date of birth, which means the YEAR you were born, not just the month and day. (~__~) If it's not listed in your profile and/or you're not 18+, you can't join until you are. No exceptions. (You MUST have your profile set to show your date of birth to REGISTERED USERS, not just friends.)

Don't read this comm anywhere Not Work or Child Safe. Because it's Adults Only, the content is entirely NSFW. People might use NSFW icons - that's fine, as it's friends only and all members are aware prior to joining that the group contains adult content.

3) Posters are encouraged to police their own threads, but no deleting comments/posts, ever. That's a bannable offense. If someone is being a dick, email me and let me deal with them. I encourage polite, amusing conversation here. All of the fun of sharing manga is talking about them with others.

4) Posting is encouraged! Post as much as you want, old scanlations or new. Most yaoi fans have read most everything that's been scanlated already; don't point out the obvious. It might be new to someone, or someone else's favorite. Post YOUR favorite series or oneshot and enjoy it all over again. I will!

---> No posting of shota here. Period. End of discussion. <---

I highly encourage members of scanlation groups to post their own stuff here! However, if a story has been released by a group that prohibits sharing with others, don't post it here or I'll delete it. I don't believe in biting the hand that feeds me. (ETA: Unless they're jerks. Then I'll leave it up with mean tags so people can see what jerks they are.) Always include a link back to the scanlation group or site in the body of your post, and include the group's credit page or the pertinent info from that page as well.

There's a 20 image limit per post. The body of the post goes behind a cut tag, header info does not. For information on how to use cut tags, please visit this tutorial.

Please do NOT use CSS or custom font colors or types when posting as they may interfere with the comm layout. Your personal journal is for self-expression; the comm is for sharing with everyone. Conversely, if you use your own style to view the comm, depending upon your settings, you may not be able to view pictures correctly. This is not my problem. Sorry! Please change your settings accordingly.

5) ALL pictures and website information need to be behind an lj-cut. This is to protect members Friends pages. Many of us have small children or younger siblings who should not be carelessly exposed to sexual images.

Please also keep any notes and/or chatter behind the cut as well. This makes it much easier to scroll through the posts. In addition, it keeps the front page clean.

6) As long as posts are flame-free and on-topic, feel free to post about your favorite mangas, the latest releases, Con info, etc. Preface all non-photo posts with an LJ cut tag that includes the subject of the discussion. Again, posters are encouraged to police their own threads. Please limit potential TMI to appropriate discussion of the topic at hand.

7) As mod, my word is final.

Any questions or feedback? Email me at

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